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TronX is an innovation consulting firm that operates on the venture studio model, offering a suite of design services & strategic partnerships



Driving transformative innovation  through our suite of Design Services



A new model of entrepreneurship  through strategic partnerships with founders



Research and Innovation for next-gen ideas, objects, spaces and experiences

Our Story

Launched in 2019, TronX is a design innovation consulting firm that operates on the venture studio model, helping clients craft unique  products, services, experiences and business transformations.

Started in 2018, Tron Ventures is an innovation consultancy, helping companies craft new products, services and business transformations. We work holistically to ensure that human insights play well together with technology, brand and business.

Our Vision

We imagine design and technology as catalysts for disruptive change that positively impacts business, ecology, human society and our collective futures.

We have worked with

TronX, led by Harvard & MIT Alumni is composed of an interdisciplinary team of designers, engineers, futurists, scientists, domain experts, serial entrepreneurs and growth hackers.

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Driving transformative innovation through our suite of design services 

We partner with our clients to research, design and  innovate. The studio helps companies in transforming existing products, services or experiences as well as conceptualising new ones at the intersection of design, futures and technology. Our unique process focuses on  holistic & impactful  solutions that amalgamate human insights together with technology, brand and business

Business Innovation

Rethinking business from a design led user centric process

Digital Design

Creating meaningful experiences that empower the user and the mission

Product Design

Designing unique product and experiences, from concept till manufacturing ready prototype

Strategic Foresight

Uncovering opportunities that engage stakeholders and reimagine futures

Brand & Identity 

Designing a cohesive & compelling customer journey across every touchpoint

Design Research

Design research to develop strategic insights on opportunities and challenges 





A new model of Entrepreneurship  through Strategic Partnerships with founders

We partner with founders to conceive, launch, and scale new businesses. We are constantly evaluating  innovative business ideas with a transformative purpose. Within the studio we ideate, prototype, and validate the most promising concepts and turn them into opportunities for launching new startups.

Venture Portfolio

Ubreathe develops products and services for air  wellness in buildings and cities. Developed world's first hybrid bio air purifier. UNDP ASIA Awardee


MetrQ is hardware and services company that caters to integrated digital manufacturing needs of various industries. Developed worlds largest FDM based 3D printer along with partner 3M3D robotics



Research & Innovation for next generation ideas, objects, spaces and experiences focused on the following themes

Future of Consumption

How does retail, entertainment & hospitality  adapt to the 21st century

Cities &


Are smart and connected cities the future of human urban settlements

Mobility &


How can mobility and interconnected devices lead to a better future

Future of


What are the key trends determining the way people inhabit their homes

Wellness & Sustainability 

What are the disruptive trends in food, energy, sustainability and human health

Climate Change & Ecology

How do we restore our ecology while ensuring the growth of our civilisation

Future of


How will workplace culture adapt to changing requirements of this century

Buildings &


How can  disruptive innovation & technology impact built habitat design



Will this century lead to the end of educational models from the industrial era

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